Welcome to my blog Healthy Living James. I am a fully qualified Health Coach who has a passion for healthy living mainly focusing on quick, healthy and easy recipes that will transform the way you think about food.

I specialise in creating recipes that are completely free from gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs and refined sugar. Most of the recipes I create are plant-based/vegan but almost all can be adapted to add fish or meat if you wish.

I suddenly fell seriously ill 8 years ago which left me bed bound for 2 years and house bound for the next 4 years. I decided to open my blog to share my recovery journey and passion for healthy living. I would love for you to read my full story as it might just help you or someone you know!



Latest Recipes


One Pot Vegan Mushroom StroganoffOne Pot Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff - Autumn is just days away..... and winter is fast approaching!!! This incredibly simple one pot vegan mushroom stroganoff will be the perfect dinner to warm you up on the cold evenings that are on their way. The best part is it only uses these 8 ingredients that you can easily source from any supermarket. And it costs roughly £6 to create which is only £1.50pp! The mushrooms in this stroganoff give such a meaty texture. Using coconut milk instead to create a creamy flavour which keeps it dairy free. It is also nautrally gluten free! You won’t believe how much flavour ... Read More
Crunchy Peanut Butter GranolaCrunchy Peanut Butter Granola - Extremely simple and delicious gluten free, vegan and refined sugar free granola that you can easily make at home with a few quick steps. This granola is one for the nut butter fans out there... It's crunchy, so easy to make and can be used in lots of different ways. ... Read More
Roasted Pepper & Tomato PastaRoasted Pepper & Tomato Pasta - This Roasted Pepper & Tomato Pasta is absolutely rammed full for flavour, it's also gluten free and vegan. Best of all it's super simple to make using just these 8 ingredients! Remember olive oil, salt and pepper don't count as who doesn't already have those at home right!   Roasting the ... Read More
Crunchy Peanut Butter BallsCrunchy Peanut Butter Balls - Crunchy Peanut Butter Balls using just 3 ingredients that are gluten free, vegan & refined sugar free! For those that love peanut butter as much as me then this recipe is just for you! These balls are total heaven in each bite. Slightly firm on the outside, crunchy and doughy on ... Read More
Orange Stuffed Trout & Med VegOrange Stuffed Trout & Med Veg - This Orange Stuffed Trout & Med Veg is the perfect healthy one-tray dinner to serve up in the middle of the table. Packed full of colour, nutrients and flavour it will be a complete crowd pleaser amongst family and friends. Best of all it couldn't be easier to create, needing ... Read More
Refreshing Pea & Avocado DipPea & Avocado Dip - A really simple and refreshing Pea & Avocado dip that is the perfect side to any BBQ or summer dish and a guaranteed crowd pleaser for when entertaining family or friends. It is such a versatile dip and works really well with fish, chicken, salads, inside your burgers, dunking your ... Read More