Welcome to my blog Healthy Living James. I am a fully qualified Health Coach who has a passion for healthy living mainly focusing on quick, healthy and easy recipes that will transform the way you think about food.

I specialise in creating recipes that are completely free from gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs and refined sugar. Most of the recipes I create are plant-based/vegan but almost all can be adapted to add fish or meat if you wish.

I suddenly fell seriously ill 8 years ago which left me bed bound for 2 years and house bound for the next 4 years. I decided to open my blog to share my recovery journey and passion for healthy living. I would love for you to read my full story as it might just help you or someone you know!



Latest Recipes


The Best Free-From Banana BreadThe Best Free-From Banana Bread Stacked - Trust me this is the Best Free-From Banana Bread you will make! It's so moist, easy to make and full of flavour that you'll want to keep making it. I have actually been giving this bread to friends who aren't gluten free or vegan and they have absolutely LOVED it and said they wouldn't even know it was free-from. Did you know that roughly 1.4 million bananas are chucked away each day in the U.K alone!!! There is no need to chuck away ripe bananas. This is the PERFECT recipe for using up those ripe bananas.     You're going… ... Read More
Vegan Thai Tofu Curry - A delicious veg packed Vegan Thai Tofu Curry that you can make in one-pot in around 20 minutes. Packed full of colour, flavour and veggies this is the perfect comforting dinner to share with family and friends. It will feed 4 for well under £10 and is extremely easy to… ... Read More
Christmas Stuffed SquashChristmas Stuffed Squash - This Christmas Stuffed Squash packs so much flavour and colour it will definitely grab the attention at your Christmas table. It's also a lot simpler to make then it may look. It works perfectly as a vegan/vegetarian main for your Christmas roast or you could even have it as a… ... Read More
Epic Vegan Rocky RoadRocky Road Top Tray - This one is for the Chocolate lovers! Epic Vegan Rocky Road that is incredibly easy to make and also gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free. I have made a healthy Christmas twist to this recipe by adding cranberries. It's such a perfect free-from Christmas dessert or snack to… ... Read More
Thyme Infused Hasselback PotatoesThyme Infused Hasselback Potatoes Tray - Delicious crispy Thyme Infused Hasselback Potatoes. These are a perfect side dish to try this Christmas. If you're like me then you love crunchy potatoes. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love traditional roast potatoes but you need to give these hasselbacks a try. They are packed full of flavour and… ... Read More
Butternut Squash Tagine - Delicious and incredibly simple one-pot Butternut Squash Tagine. Packed full of colour, flavour and veggies this is the perfect comforting dinner to share with family and friends. It will only cost around £5 to make and easily serves 4-5 people. You’re going to absolutely love this Tagine, it’s: Easy Warming… ... Read More