About Me


Hi. I’m James Wythe: a guy with a passion for simple, healthy, tasty food. I’m so happy to welcome you to my blog.

I spend most of my time cooking up a healthy storm in the kitchen.

Who’s my food for?

I create recipes to make living healthily easy for everyone. That includes people with coeliac disease, people with allergies and intolerances, vegans and vegetarians alike. I design balanced meals that make use of feel-good and healthy foods.

Why did I start my Healthy Living blog?

To read more about my long-term condition, the reason for starting on this path on the first place, read my story.

After I began my own journey to wellness and healthy living, people who tried my food began asking me to share my secrets. I realised that my passion for creating healthy recipes was about more than just me.

My mission

I want to show anyone who is curious or keen to try healthy living that it can be easy, fun and tasty.