4 Healthy Dinners Feeding 4 for £4

4 dinners feed 4 for £4

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4 Healthy Dinners that feed 4 for £4

Here are 4 of my favourite recipes for feeding 4 on a budget. All of which are super easy to make with readily available ingredients making it simple for you to cook healthy home cooked meals on a budget.

The good news is that cutting back on cost doesn’t mean cutting back on flavour. So these 4 vegan recipes costing just £4 are gluten-free, nutritious and utterly delicious!

  1. Hearty Potato Stew

This one-pot dinner makes a perfect meat-free meal and transforms the humble spud into something special! The chunky vegetables make it super-satisfying, whilst the mushrooms and lentils add a ‘meatiness’ to the texture. Tamari and cacao powder give this vegan stew its vibrant colour and rich flavour. With just 5 minutes of ‘hand on’ preparation and 35 minutes cooking time, this meal is quick to prepare and ideal for cold winter evenings. (Recipe video included)


2. Peanut Butter and Chickpea Curry

One of my favourite recipes, this vegan curry is gluten-free and contains no refined sugar. Its rich flavour comes from the peanut butter, an unusual ingredient in curries which will soon become a firm favourite! A one-pot vegan meal that takes only 25 minutes from start to finish, this dish is packed with nutritious chickpeas, which provide lots of protein and a wonderful velvety texture.

peanut butter curry

3. No-Meat Balls

These gluten-free, vegan meat balls are just so versatile! Serve them with pasta, with a fresh, green salad or even in a wrap. The ultimate comfort food, made with a wholesome blend of lentils and black beans. Try these no-meat balls on a meat-free Monday and discover how this protein-packed dish can provide all the flavour you crave! (Recipe video included)

4. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Stew

Colourful sweet potatoes and nutritious herbs and spices are combined with fresh spinach to create this family friendly vegan meal. Delicious served with brown rice or quinoa, this stew is also allergy free and contains no gluten. The flavours intensify when it’s stored, so this is a great make-ahead meal, to enjoy another day.

Stew Top Shot

Finally if you try any of these amazing cost effective recipes let me know!

To clarify this is a rough price for these recipes, different shops/ingredients may vary in price. 

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